In 1945, Harry Seaman creates SEAMAN GUNNISON in Milwakee, Wisconsin, USA

He develops the SEAMAN TRAVEL MIXER, the first “n situ” soil stabilizer, for use by the US armed forces in WWII.


This machine evolves into the DUO-STABILIZER, which scarifies, stabilizes and compacts in a sinlge pass.


In the 1950’s, SEAMAN GUNNISON launches the DUO-PACTOR, which quiclky becomes an industry standard in compaction.

In the early 1960’s, SEAMAN GUNNISON designs its first Asphalt Distributor, firmly established as a reference of quality and design to this day.


In the coming decades, until the 1990’s, SEAMAN GUNNISON continues to produce with great success it’s product line, as well as manufacture other specialized machinery for high profile brands such as SHUTTLE WAGON.


During the begining of the new millenium, with a need for new horizons in the road building and maintenance industry, SEAMAN GUNNISON presents the Seaman BACHTEC, an “in situ”, truck mounted cold-patching machine, that allows for recicling of existing pavement and production of new cold mix right at the job site.


A comprehensive line of Pugmill Plants for cold mix, base stabilization and all around material mixing applications follows, as well as our Trailer Mounted Maintenance Distributors and SEAMAN GUNNISON SYNCHRO, a synchronized chip spreader that applies both tack and chip in one pass, with full Computer Rate Control for both materials.